To Bath

Guildhall from Bradford-on-Avon

A route unknown to me until, quite by chance, I passed the Mile 1 milestone. Two further milestones once stood on Claverton Down Road and Brassknocker Hill, but I've been unable to find either. Curiously, although the earliest Ordnance Survey map clearly marks the Brassknocker Hill milestone as "Bath 3, Bradford 4", I can find no trace of the route continuing beyond the Somerset–Wiltshire border.

The table on this page lists the milestones that I have recorded on the route to Bath from Bradford-on-Avon. The left-hand column contains links to further details and a photograph of each milestone, while the Ordnance Survey grid references in the right-hand column are linked to an online map at

MileGrid Reference
Guildhall375125, 164875
1376000, 164025