To Bath

Guildhall from Chippenham

Milestone 3 on the route to Bath from ChippenhamMile 3

378500, 167125

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Location: London Road East, Batheaston, just north of the roundabout with A4 Batheaston Swainswick By-pass, A4 Box Road and A363 Bradford Road.

Date recorded: Wednesday, 09 September 2009

Type of milestone: Iron Plate on Stone

Notes: This will probably be the last milestone I'll record on this route. Beyond the aforementioned roundabout the route diverges initially into three and later into more, and then it all starts to get a bit complicated. Not to mention that it's a forty minute drive across Bath for me just to get to this milestone. But never say never – I may yet decide to continue my research in this direction at a later date.