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Guildhall from Wick

Milestone 1 on the route to Bath from WickMile 1

374625, 166350

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1 Mile
from the

Location: Lansdown Road, Lansdown, built into the front garden wall of Mead House, just south of the junction with Northfields.

Date recorded: Saturday, 06 November 2010

Type of milestone: Iron Plate on Stone

Notes: I first recorded this milestone on 5th January 2008 without its iron plate. Nearly three years later and that plate has been replaced, probably using a more up-to-date material such as steel, but in any case it's a beautiful job. I don't travel this road very often, preferring to take the flatter route through Kelston when I go to Bath, but I'm pretty sure there was no plate on it when I passed by on 27th October 2010.