To Bristol

Nether Gate from Bitton

Milestone 2 on the route to Bristol from BittonMile 2

362900, 173450

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Ordnance Survey benchmark
9 ½

Location: A431 Summerhill Road, St George, Bristol, at the end of a footpath between the junctions with Summerhill Terrace and Cousin's Lane.

Date recorded: Saturday, 04 August 2007

Type of milestone: Iron Plate on Inscribed Stone

Notes: This stone is triangular in section, with one corner adjacent to the road and the reverse side curved. The inscriptions are on an angled iron plate mounted around the front corner of the stone. The Ordnance Survey benchmark on the "Briftol" side is inscribed into the stone beneath the iron plate.

As the milestone is on the south side of the road, when viewing it from the front (as in the photograph) Bath is to the left (east) and Bristol is to the right (west). The two inscriptions therefore each face towards the city to which they give the distance, as if to inform travellers of how much progress they have made since their journey began, rather than how far away their destination still is.