To Bristol

Bath Bridge from Corston

Beyond Corston (Mile 8) this route continues into Bath via the Bath from Farrington Gurney route.

Milestone 7 on the route to Bristol from CorstonMile 7

368625, 166900

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Ordnance Survey benchmark

Location: A4 Bath Road, Saltford, just south-east of the junction with Uplands Road.

Date recorded: Friday, 10 August 2007

Type of milestone: Iron Plate on Inscribed Stone

Notes: Technically two separate milestones as the iron plate is mounted on the wall above the original inscribed stone. Except for the Ordnance Survey benchmark and a few possible letters, the inscription on the stone is illegible.

Apologies for the angle of the photograph, by the way – the A4 is a very busy road and at this particular location it's on a hill between two blind bends and has a rather narrow pavement. Needless to say I wasn't very keen to step back for a better shot!