To Bristol

Redcliff Gate from Worle

Curiously, there appear to be no milestones at all between Congresbury (12 miles from Bristol) and St Georges (17 miles from Bristol), either on the ground or marked on any Ordnance Survey map, past or present. Indeed, the majority of the milestones on this route between Bristol and Congresbury are marked on the 1887 OS map with mileages to those two destinations, and make no mention of Worle at all.

Milestone 18 on the route to Bristol from WorleMile 18

336075, 162625

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Location: High Street, Worle, built into a wall just east of the entrance to Ebdon Lodge (retirement flats), opposite the eastern end of Preane's Green.

Date recorded: Sunday, 13 July 2008

Type of milestone: Inscribed Stone

Notes: No part of this milestone's inscription can be seen – the stone is very badly worn, and possibly part-buried by the pavement.