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During my research into milestones, both generally and around Bristol and Bath, I found a number of websites invaluable. I have therefore decided to list them here on this website, along with a few others on similar topics surrounding roads and their history.

Alan Godfrey Maps (The Godfrey Edition)
More than 2,300 titles have been issued in this major series of reprints of old Ordnance Survey maps of towns throughout Britain and Ireland. They cover towns in great detail showing individual houses, churches, railways and tramlines, and even minutiae such as dockside mooring posts, signal posts, fountains, pathways, sheds, and - most importantly - milestones. Buy online or in any good bookshop.
The Milestone Society
Founded in May 2001, The Milestone Society aims to identify, record, research and interpret for the public benefit the milestones and other waymarkers of the British Isles. They have a network of County Representatives who help to facilitate the collection of data on milestones and raise local awareness on this aspect of our national heritage at the County level.
A comprehensive history of milestones through the ages, from the Roman "Golden Milestone" right through to the modern equivalents in America. There is also a Milestone Gazetteer (the inspiration for Lyndenlea Milestones) detailing many milestones all over the country but focusing mainly on Suffolk.
Early Ordnance Survey maps are an excellent resource for finding out where milestones are supposed to be. Although the locations of many continue to be marked accurately on modern maps, I'll often find that a milestone marked on the map is nowhere to be found, or I'll find a milestone on the ground that isn't marked on the map.
SABRE - The Society for All British and Irish Road Enthusiasts
A group interested in the history, design, geography and structure of the British and Irish road network. They exist as a forum for ideas and opinions and as a hub for information for better understanding of the UK and RoI road network and its history. Check out their Links and Member Sites pages for lots more on this surprisingly fascinating subject.
Turnpike Roads in England
A hub for information on the history of Turnpike Trusts, roads, tollhouses and milestones, and the travellers who used these roads.